IOT & cybersecurity

2018-12-21 00:47:52

Any connected object is considered as an autonomous system with access to the internet or to a home when the main functions

are the collection of information and/or the processing of this information.

To be called as «connected objects» within «the internet of things» (or IOT) let’s take a quick example.

On one hand, we have a pacemaker, on the other a pacemaker coupled with a smartphone application that could offer to the user the opportunity

to observe the data collected by this object, which one will be the « connected object»?


Surfaces of Celestial Bodies. From Moon to Pluto.

2018-08-28 07:50:33

The Moon:

Science and Prestige

In 1609, the telescope was invented. After that point, for over 300 years, it was the only instrument that allowed us to observe celestial bodies. However, it turned out that even the closest objects are not fully accessible for observation. 

Competitors and Imitators

2018-08-19 02:09:49

When the audience of your game exceeds the millions, you can be sure that big publishers will start to notice it. DotA was not a commercial project, and it was not possible to protect it from imitations, especially expensive and high-quality ones. Players started to leave.

The most important competitor was League of Legends. Do not forget, that DotA was still a mod for another game, and, therefore, had a number of drawbacks that LoL was spared from dealing with.


2018-08-19 01:50:23

One of the most important differences between a man and an animal is man’s ability to make tools, which help make our lives better. Throughout human history, people have been perfecting the methods of toolmaking. We call this art technology. The simplest example of such technology is the knife. In ancient times our ancestors made them from stone, chipping away the excess parts from a larger piece.