The book #24

2019-03-04 00:47:17

In the new book (OYLA Youth Science) for March 2019, you will learn about the parallel universes of Everett. We will also tell you about how to drink tea in different countries of the world. 

Meet the new book #21

2018-12-04 00:49:17

In our new book we have prepared many interesting articles for our readers. You will learn how to play with darts using scientific knowledge. We will tell you a lot of interesting and useful weather.

The book # 20

2018-11-11 16:45:31

You can read the 10 most dangerous ideas in science and other interesting articles in the new issue of the new book.


2018-09-18 05:31:11

Dear friends!

Let us offer you a wonderful and convenient digital product for schools, universities, families with science lovers -  School Digital Kit (SDK).

You can read our books, study articles and use our product as you see fit and useful for you within 24 hours a day.

The new book # 18

2018-09-04 22:16:47

Dear readers! Meet our new book. The main theme of the issue is food and science.

You will learn a lot of interesting things about what we eat and how the food is related to science.